What is Wings of Saint Nazaire?

Wings of Saint Nazaire is an action-orientated space simulation game reminiscent of titles such as Wing Commander™ and the X-Wing™ series. Check out our gameplay videos if you're looking to get a first impression on how the game looks, plays and feels. Wings is designed to be an easy-to-play but hard-to-master game - that means you can jump in, fly around, kick ass and have a ton of fun as a newbie but the game also offers core players enough gameplay depth to keep even the veterans of the genre interested. Good players, for example, will use the afterburner in very short bursts for super quick acceleration, they will use the correct weapons against the enemies they are facing and they will always be on top of their ship energy flow, making sure that the systems that need the most power in any given situation, get that power.

Why the name "Wings of Saint Nazaire"?

Saint-Nazaire is a French city and was an important location (and battlefield) in the second World War. The main human capital ship that is going to be central in our game (as the flag ship you launch from) is called the Saint Nazaire because of that (similar to how military navy ships oftentimes have the name of a past battleground). Wings of Saint Nazaire then really just means The Wingmen of the Saint Nazaire!

On what engine is the game running?

Wings is a Unity3D™ game!

This ensures that we can target virtually any platform we want to. Additionally, the Unity3D engine allows a very visual, fun way of working on games that helps keep up motivated. It also enables us to quickly throw together prototypes for new visual effects, gameplay ideas and so on.

When will the game be done?

As much as we'd like to give you a release date, we simply can't at this point.

How much will it cost?

We are developing Wings to be a free game but we can't rule out changes in the business model in the future. If the game ends up not being free, it will definitely not be anywhere near as expensive as a full price title however.

Are you considering crowdfunding?

Yes. More details on that later!

On which platforms will the game be available? Will it be on Steam™?

Wings will definitely be released on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux - in addition, we can target anything that Unity3D runs on. How many consoles and which we target is not yet decided and also largely depends on whether or not we can afford the respective SDKs. We would absolutely love to see Wings of Saint Nazaire on Steam™, if it's possible at all, to reach the biggest possible audience.

Can I use my joystick/flightstick/gamepad with the game?

Yes, absolutely. While we spend a lot of time trying to tweak the keyboard and mouse controls for Wings, we also know how important it is to a lot of people to play a game like this with an external controller. The options menu allows you to fully configure your controller too, so no pre-set or locked button combinations should hinder your game experience.

Am I allowed to record and monetize YouTube videos featuring Wings gameplay?

Yes. We strongly believe that any and all publicity that our game gains from your videos, as small as your channel may be, is positive and helps us reach more people. We respect the work you put in as the author of the video(s) and believe that you deserve to make money off of that work.