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#1 2014-07-08 19:59:56

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My first impressions

I played WoSN for about an hour now, both the downloadable version and the online one, and I do have to say, that what I've seen so far is AWESOME, especially considering it is in such an early state of development.
But there are still some things, that could be polished. I made a brief list, of what I would change:

1: Mouse Flight. While it is very polished, there is something I do not like the feeling it provides, as it is a bit vague. I understand that you want newtonian flight physics, which is fine, but I do not like, that the cursor gets locked, if you want to make a sharp turn. I think there should be something like two flight modes. Maybe a computer assisted and an unassisted mode. In the assisted mode, you would just point your cursor in one direction and the computer flies towards it and slows the turn rate of your ship, so you have a more precise control. In the unassisted mode, you would fly your ship by controlling the thrust of your thrusters manually, so you would have to slow down your turn, after you have begun it. This mode would enable you to fly much sharper turns and more advanced combat maneuvers.

2: A better overview of what's going on. Right now you have the problem, that you lose control of the situation very quickly, that might come from the current flight model, but a cursor indicating where your target went would be nice. Also a friend/foe identification.

3: The font should have a higher resolution. It is kinda hard to read some words, especially the target information in the cockpit.

Otherwise a great game. I love your passion for detail, like the moving hands on your HOTAS setup in the cockpit, or the ship models in general. I'm curious where you will take this game in the future.

BTW: Maybe you should start a Kickstarter campaign, I'm sure that it would draw more attention towards the project.
Thanks for reading, goodbye.

Suddenly, Julo.
THIS does NOT help!


#2 2014-07-09 18:06:38

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
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Re: My first impressions

Hey, thanks for your comments Julopabene!

We have already fixed the font issues (alpha will be updated shortly, keep your eyes peeled), we do want to implement some additional direction indicators of some sort (also don't forget you can use the Orbit Camera to get an idea of where you are in space) and as far as Mouse Flight is concerned, we really want to keep it very simple BUT we want to add more automatic maneuvers as well as play around with some brake thruster stuff.

Thanks again for your ideas! smile


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