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#1 2014-08-03 00:24:11

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Keep up the good work Feedback

First off, I want to say wow. Great job guys. You have a real artistic way of making this game look great and fun in 2d. I would pay good money for this. I never thought 2d combat could look this great from the wing commander days. Your team made it look so amazing.

First suggestion I have is some type of indicator for the direction of the ship that you have targeted once it leaves cockpit view. Almost all space combat games do this, but I see it missing here and it gets me very confused that my eyes start to hurt after playing.

Second, I use an X52 pro and there seems to be a sensitivity problem with the game. The options menu for setting up the axis only registers my joystick when I push it to all the way to the left or all the way to the right ect. The amount of exertion I have to move my joystick in order for the control scheme to register an axis configuration is far more than normal. As you can imagine, this made playing the game somewhat aggravating, but I still loved the game.

Third suggestion would be making a great single player game with a good plot and story. So many games recently just go for the mutliplayer player and neglect the single player.

Thanks a lot!


#2 2014-08-03 07:21:50

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
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Re: Keep up the good work Feedback

Hey Lazarus, thank you very much for taking the time to register and giving us your feedback!

1.) We do still have the radar for that but we've heard that a lot of people want some sort of additional direction indicator and we're thinking of adding something around the reticule to indicate direction.

2.) Up to this point, we've been really not thinking too much about controller axis calibration - this is something we'll rectify in the future. The upcoming alpha update will already include a sensitivity option for controllers which *might* help your case, if not, we'll add in a seperate calibration slider as well.

3.) We're working on iti! smile We definitely won't neglect the single player.

Thanks again!


#3 2014-08-03 22:21:15

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Re: Keep up the good work Feedback

The indicators weren't really present on many of the older games. To me they seem to be a nod towards making game mechanics way too easy for people - if all you have to do is shift your joystick in the direction of an arrow on screen, why not just build a rhythm game like Guitar Hero?


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