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#1 2014-10-23 18:40:50

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FINALLY, someone doing a WC update!

Leveraging the retro bitmap graphics to create an art style was an idea who's time has come. And they look great!

I played the XWing and WC series to death all those years ago so my feedback will lean in that direction, I'm also a game developer/designer so I'm going to pretend I know more than I do heh

- Non-missile, non-beam weapons seem very weak
- If the different weapon types/clusters do different things I am unaware!
- There is hardly any feedback when your ship is being hit
- Related: I can't find the shield status!
- Can power be allocated like in XWing?
- Can shields by allocated like in XWing?
- I'm not getting any real satisfaction from successfully 'leading' a moving enemy fighter and hitting it. Could be a feedback issue, could be that there's a disconnect between the hitbox of the fighter vs its art.

- Do not anchor the game around small ship dog-fighting. Layer it in along with medium, large and huge ship fighting styles.
- WC suffered from situational awareness issues, XWing less so. Figure out how to keep the player aware of the overall mission / battle progress - it will enable you to create more sophisticated and epic missions. (MOBAs do this bit very well, by design)
- Design the enemy dog-fighting AI to be fun to shoot at, not necessarily good at shooting the player (formations may help here)
- After blowing away a few fighters, the very next thing I wanted to do was start engaging the capital ships!

I would caution you on Kickstarter, so far the games I have seen that have successfully released after kickstarter funding stuck FAR too closely to the scope of the initial demo. (Godus and Planetary Annihilation come to mind) Games are more like research projects - Kickstarter is for production ready projects.

Anyhoo my 0.02c! Nice work so far. A great foundation on which to build.


#2 2014-10-24 08:32:32

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
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Re: Feedback!

Hey! Thanks a lot for taking the time to sign up and give us your feedback, SgtBiscuit, it's appreciated!!

Weapon balance is something we'll tweak a little further down along the line. On a personal level, I agree, it can be a bit frustrating to use only laser weapons, especially against the smaller, quicker alien fighters.

The different laser weapons don't just look different, they do have different stats: fire rates, energy consumption, damage etc., but again, all that can and needs to be tweaked!

The damage feedback is indeed very weak, nice catch, that's something we need to improve both on the visual and audio side of things.

Shield status information (your own and the shields of what you've targeted) as well as power allocation like in X-Wing are two things that are already implemented in our internal build and will soon make their way into our open alpha. Just needs a bit more fine-tuning.

Shield allocation is interesting, we still need to think about that. We'll probably include it.

Hitboxes seem to be alright from our testing but there could definitely be better feedback for when you're hitting enemies as well. Good point!

Can you elaborate on your first suggestion? I'm not quite sure how you imagine that to work? Just medium/big ships fighting 'in the background'?

Well, there's two tools to get situational awareness: the radar (which we think is improved from both the WC and X-Wing series style) and the orbit cam (TAB by default in our alpha). Those are two tools that weren't in either WC or X-Wing like that, we hope that allows players to understand what's going on around them.

Formations are also something we absolutely want and will be working on soon. Totally needed!

Capital ships are currently just 'corpses' that lay around, we absolutely need to implement some game logic for them, give them turrets, have them spawn AI ships, make them properly destroyable etc.

And thanks for the heads-up on Kickstarter, we're certainly not going down that route in the near future.

Thanks again for your feedback, you make very good points!!


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