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Our official Wings forum is still a little bit quiet. Let's change that!
Play our game, register here and get in touch with us developers and other Wings players and fans!

You can also follow us on Twitter @WingsOfNazaire, we'd appreciate it a lot!

#1 2014-11-07 18:53:49

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
From: Germany
Registered: 2013-07-14
Posts: 184

NEWS: Hello World

We've finally gotten around to getting registered - so now I actually need to work more on this work-in-progress website as well because... people can actually find and see it. Exciting stuff! Currently, only this front page is working correctly, it's really just meant to give you a taste of what Wings of Saint Nazaire is, with the embedded gameplay video in there. It will also keep everybody up to date with how the development is going with this Development Update section - think of it like Twitter with more characters! Important stuff that happened this week? We entered our game in reddit/gamedev's Screenshot Saturday, got upvoted to the top and stayed there. Amazing feedback all around (and, really, who's surprised with Howie's stunning artwork?), so motivation is at an all time high! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the website, new video footage and, of course, more entries in this section of the site.


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