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#1 2014-12-01 22:40:21

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How "final" is the basic combat tuning in the alpha?

Just finishing getting what I could out of the alpha and while I was incredibly impressed from a technical level, I didn't really have any fun playing it.

I played both the light and medium fighters and I felt that they ran out of gun energy way, way too quickly (to the point where I almost thought it was a bug because it seems nowhere close the type of the games this is supposed to be taking inspiration from). Coupled with the very fast enemy fighters that dart around randomly, I couldn't score single kill except against what I presume are the bombers.

Worth noting: I was playing with a joystick.  I am also old enough to be a person who legitimately earned his nostalgia for Wing Commander.


#2 2014-12-02 10:41:55

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
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Re: How "final" is the basic combat tuning in the alpha?

Haha don't worry. The balance is not final at all. I can absolutely see where you're coming from.

Furthermore, there are several core mechanics still missing in the public alpha that we are still finalizing internally and will then, very soon hopefully, publish. The energy management system for example which allows you to distribute energy between guns, shields and engines. The more energy your guns get, for example, the faster they recharge, if they don't get enough, their 'ammo' will discharge. Think X-Wing. The AI is worked on as well!


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