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#1 2015-01-08 20:37:22

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Viewing direction/ball turrets + bloggin

Hiyah!  Long time lurker (never registered till today), first time poster.

I was wondering if there were any plans for viewing in different directions while in your ship.  In more nimble ships, being able to look to the left/right/rear isn't super important (unless you enjoy the eye candy of seeing more internal artwork).  However while flying around in the Cobra for the first time, I really felt for the first time that I was vulnerable in terms of lack of maneuverability.  Having a rear facing turret, and even side turrets on larger ships would be extremely useful for picking off pesky interceptors hanging out behind you.

Other interesting applications: weird gunship/bombers that have main weapons that face perpendicular to their forward movement. Perhaps to counter capital ship defenses that would kill you if you tried to engage going straight at them?

I really like the cockpit art a lot, so making you do 4x more work for the different directions would increase my enjoyment that much more! >:D


On a separate note, its been way too long since you guys have posted anything on your main site (2 MONTHS!)! You guys like to show off completed stuff with flashy gifs, but if you can't do that...write something anyway!  Thoughts on an aspect of the game you're working on, future plans, sketches, WIP stuff, goofy bugs, tutorials, a fun game you played recently (or in the past) that influenced this game.

I'm personally doing all I can to hype up the game.  I have a lot of friends who are interested in the game, but if you can't keep the front page feeling "alive" with lots of updates then you'll fall off peoples radar.

Or maybe you just aren't ready to build that kind of support yet since its so early in development, which is fine too.  I have mixed feelings about people getting their hands on alpha builds of games, but I am ALL about developers talking about the thing they're making. 

Keep up the good work, all of you...and keep me updated about it! big_smile


#2 2015-01-08 22:13:14

Howard Day
Wings Artist
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Re: Viewing direction/ball turrets + bloggin

Hi, Muffalopadus! Good call on the News post thing. I was trying to do it at least every other day for a while there. Then the Holidays happened and I got busy at work. We'll try and keep people more informed from here on out. smile
As for your question on different interior cockpit viewing directions - At this time, no we're not planning on doing that - We're hoping the Orbit camera is sufficient to fulfill that need. You're right - 4X the work on all the cockpits (though it's really 3X, since most side views can be re-used and re-lit for right/left symmetry). The Cobra is a beast to handle But that is the trade off to having that much firepower. In a normal mission setting, you'd also never be in one out alone - they're Heavy fighters and would likely have Boomslang or Copperhead backup on any mission in the actual game. That's help keep those nimble little pain in the butt alien fighters off your tail. smile I will say that the turning speed of the cobra has been upped slightly, but it's speed remains somewhat....slow.
We also plan for the Hognose (The Big Bomber) to have top/bottom turrets with 270° of rearward fire. They'll be automatically driven by one of your two co-pilots in the main cockpit. That ship is laid out more like the WW2 bombers with multiple crew members.
If it becomes really desired, I'll do the multiple cockpit view angles - but they're only really going to be useful on the human ships - the aliens have the rear view of a mid-80s Ferrari.  tongue
Hope this has been informative!


#3 2015-01-12 15:36:07

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Re: Viewing direction/ball turrets + bloggin

Yeah I wasn't blaming you for taking a break over the holidays.  Glad to see that update! The auto-lipsync tech demo thing was pretty snazzy.  More more more! big_smile

I'm sad but not entirely surprised about the interiors.  I realize its more of a nostalgia thing than something that is game-functional...but your cockpits are already really snazzy, I was hoping for more of that aforementioned eye-candy.


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