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#1 2013-07-14 21:56:24

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
From: Germany
Registered: 2013-07-14
Posts: 184


LAST UPDATED: 2014-08-04

Update 2014-08-04:

- made Human ship selection screen usable allowing for three out of five human ships to be selected (Boomslang, Cobra and Copperhead)
- added smoke effects to launch tube
- improved enemy wave spawning timing and patterns
- implemented hold-key-to-roll and added more 'strafing' to these rolls
- improved dynamic music
- removed old explosion test spheres ('mines' as most people called them)
- improved alien fighter collisions
- removed player invulnerability
- improved text/font rendering
- improved weapon sound FX

Update 2014-06-22:

- enabled all aspect ratios for resolution selection
- implemented music volume slider
- finetuned explosion effects
- added subtle motion blur on background stars
- improved performance

Update 2014-01-12:

- fixed a bug where enemies would not shoot at you more than once

Update 2014-01-10:

- fixed the flickering launch tube issue
- improved explosion fx

Update 2013-10-18:

- added friendly ai, you get 3 Copperhead-flying wingmen fighting alongside you
- improvements to the dynamic music system

Update 2013-08-08:

- you can now die, so be careful!
- added a speed spreak overlay that shows when you travel fast
- changed the way enemy waves are spawned

Update 2013-07-27:

- added missiles (hit 'switch missiles' button to reload for now), kill sh*t!
- improved star motion blur effect
- enabled 4:3 resolutions

Update 2013-07-20:

- made intro skipable
- added work-in-progress main menu
- motion blur effect added to stars
- added player muzzleflash effects
- capital shops now collide against each other

Update 2013-07-14:

- in-cockpit controls (joystick and throttlestick) are now visible and hooked up to the actual ship controls
- various small bugfixes and visual improvements


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