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#1 2013-09-06 18:43:16

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Excellent graphics

Hey guys,

The graphics for the game are looking amazing and I love the art style (very wing commander brought up to date, old made new). The thing I was particularly impressed by was the lighting effects, if it's not a secret (or just stock unity), how, roughly, did you approach the glows around lasers/ship lights/engines/other light sources? It's very, err, maximalist smile

keep up the good work!

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#2 2014-08-04 23:42:13

Howard Day
Wings Artist
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Re: Excellent graphics

Hi, rivalin! Sorry for the super late response, there's really no excuse!  The lighting effects are a combination of two things - the in-engine stuff is just simple unity lights attached to the projectiles. The geometry the sprites are displayed on is bent to vaguely be in the shape of a ship (ie. into a sphere) so it picks up lighting from the side and back. when the lightsource moves fast enough your eyes are fooled into thinking the shape is the actual ship, not just a sphere. It's a neat trick.
The in-cockpit lighting is pre-rendered on a black background and then added to the rest of the cockpit when needed. that lets us bake in shadows and bounce light along with neat specular cues from the cockpit glass with no penalty.

Hope this answered your question, and again, sorry for the lateness of the response!


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