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#1 2014-03-26 09:32:00

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Thanks from Linux!

Hey yall, first of all, I'm very much enjoying the alpha so far.  I'm on Ubuntu 13.10, and performance is great.  XBOX360 controller works perfect (wasn't completely satisfied with the default button layout, but 10 seconds spent remapping the buttons in the options was all that was needed hehe).  Mouse, and keyboard controls are good, however when using the mouse, the crosshair on screen stops following the pointers position once it moves a certain amount of distance from the center, but seems to let the pointer keep moving.  So when i move the pointer back center, I have to move the mouse X amount of distance before the onscreen crosshair starts following the cursor, and the ship starts turning (I hope that made sence lol).  All in all, I am very much excited for this game (Multiplayer is going to be a blast).  Keep up the great work yall smile

P.S.  The artwork, and music is fantastic!

- Chris


#2 2014-03-26 20:38:17

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
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Re: Thanks from Linux!

Thank you very much, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Wings so far. I've heard of the mouse bug on Ubuntu before, somebody else reported it as well, unfortunately not much we can do as that's definitely a Unity bug. Good to know that the gamepad works for you though!


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