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#1 2014-07-08 16:02:44

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Surnames vs bots

Hey guys,

New to this place.  Saw your game promoted on PC Gamer and being a longtime Wing Commander fan, I was like...woooo!

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that you will probably attract a bit more attention to your forum if you fix your man vs bot authenticity test.   Here's an example...

It asks for your programmer's surname.  Okay that's cool.  I mean it seems a little awkward to make the person go back to your webpage and stalk the three members of your team, but you kind of makes sense. Why not familiarize yourself a little with who is making the game before you interact with the community.    But here's the problem...a surname is your "last" name.  I failed the test so much that I started to think that my life is a lie and that I am actually a bot. sad  Is this real life? Did I fall asleep reading Philip K Dick?

But I degress.   I kept cycling through the various bot questions...and kept getting surname questions. Then I got the game's engine. Oh! Right! I typed in "unity" and I typed it in lowercase because it seems to me that most people type in lowercase in forms anyway.  It failed.  You can imagine my frustration when such an easy question got blown because I didn't put a capital U.

So then it went back to the surname questions.  I tried capitals...I tried lowercase.  Simon! simon! day! Day! It's probably how a pokemon trainer feels like when he can't coax Snorlax come out of his pokeball.

Anyway...I gave in and tried the first name for the surname.  Capital.  And it worked and I got in.

So for the love of justice...can you please fix that? Cause honestly?  The answers are wrong.  And so you have efficiently banned most robots and the human race from your forum. Which is pretty cool.  I mean you know...if you want to troll people with a cool game.  But come on now...heck part of me is wondering if I somehow missed the point and it says somewhere that the authenticity question is actually the opposite of what it says.   Suspicious.   Mind blown.


#2 2014-07-09 18:15:18

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
From: Germany
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Re: Surnames vs bots

Sorry for that and thanks for the report. I fixed the test up to be a bit clearer. It now asks for first and last name (no more surname-sillyness) and tells you to answer in all capitals and in five letters in the case of UNITY. Should be better now. We used to have more simple anti-bot defenses (What is 3+4? and captchas and such) but they all let a bunch of bots in so we had to switch to this measure!


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