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#1 2014-09-12 07:19:48

From: Russia, Moscow
Registered: 2014-09-12
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WoSN - preview in russian

Good day guys!

I'm not sure if you all know me, but I hope Howard still remembers me. We had some nice talks during his development of the WC: Pioneer (btw Howard, where is that long promised texturing tutorial?) ;)
Anyway, recently I was browsing through the wcnews website, trying to find out what Howard was up to and I learned about WoSN. After several days of browsing through the available info and gathering every piece of information I could, I decided to prepare a preview video based on the available Alpha build. Since I have a rapidly growing base of subscribers on youtube as well as It is the first promo video about WoSN among all Russian-speaking community, I really hope that it will bring you much more deserved attention.

I must say that I really like the way you designed WoSN. It really feels oldschool, but with modern technique in mind. It is quite solid and I'm pretty sure, that after you make it into the release - WoSN will become something like a hidden gem of game industry in spacesim genre.

I'll keep watching the development curve and will try to make more videos about WoSN in the future. More content, more feature you know... I'm pretty sure this will popularize the game further.
If you Howie or anyone from the development team would want me to advert something about the game, do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be glad to review new features and everything. Especially this planetside flight ;)

I wish you guys the best of luck and enough strength and desire to finish up what you have started!

With best regards,
-Nick aka Cyberion


#2 2014-09-12 09:06:17

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
From: Germany
Registered: 2013-07-14
Posts: 184

Re: WoSN - preview in russian

Hey, thank you very much Cyberion! It's awesome to see Russian coverage of Wings indeed!


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