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#1 2015-01-08 21:33:25

Howard Day
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NEWS: New Years Update!

Happy New Years, Everyone I hope 2015 will be a great year for WOSN, and we'll have tons of stuff to show soon.
The main things we've been working on are closing the main gameplay loop of Mission Briefing > Select Fighter > Launch > Go on Mission > Land > Debrief > Next Mission. With that complete, we can actually make a game that's fun.
So what we still have to do is the Briefing Screen, which involves some character artwork (the use of some of our auto-lipsync tech as shown here)
As well as some mission graphics, like those seen in TIE Fighter or Wing Commander.
Then we need a Unity scripting framework to read in the mission structure and display it for the briefing. This should actually be a lot of fun, as both Jan and I love automating this sort of system. With any luck we could pretty easily assign the first mission of a campaign, and have the story flow through it automatically, even including win/loss mission branching.

This leaves the actual mission structure - We still have to come up with a way to add primary and secondary goals, achievements, stat tracking (for the Debriefing and mission branching) and mission flow. We've had great success at adding nav points to the game, they work wonderfully and really make it fun to zip around the world.
In other news, we also updated the Unity version we're using to 5. This will hopefully fix many of the graphics bugs we've been experiencing with builds on the Linux and Mac platforms.

Anyhow, We probably won't release a new public build until the mission structure is wrapped up. We will be attempting to share more progress with everyone here, and on the forums!


#2 2015-03-23 09:15:58

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Re: NEWS: New Years Update!

So the campaign is dynamic to your wins and losses? *Takes off sunglasses* Mother Of God.
I am going to assume that this system is almost finished, correct? Ooh, I cant wait for the first campaign mission!

Sincelerly, One diehard fan( who does not know how to spell.)!


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