posted by Jan Simon (Programmer)
on 9/29/2015

I'm currently working on AI formations and thought I'd share a little update report - it's trickier than it looks:

Click the image for the full version!

We're still sorting out conversion issues from Unity 4 to 5 here and there, expect updates soon though!

posted by Jan Simon (Programmer)
on 5/4/2015
We've recently been notified by our hoster that there has been a security breach onto our FTP webspace. There is no indication that any data has been stolen but if you want to play it safe, it's probably a good idea to change your passwords, especially if you used the same password from our forums for other important accounts. As a general measure of precaution, it's ALWAYS advised to use different passwords for different accounts on the internet - at least use a secure and unique password for really important stuff (like PayPal or Amazon for example). We apologize for any inconvenience.

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