posted by Howard Day (Artist/Designer)
on 10/11/2014
Hello, everyone! Today I added shield read-outs to the targeted ship display. Yesterday, Jan had helped me get the armor/ship damage looking right - before it wouldn't show the proper damage for the proper angle of hit.

You can also see the updated player ship status display - it now also shows readouts for your top/bottom armors. Next up, fixing some ship damage bugs, adding more damage effects to the ships (arcing lightning, sub component explosions, engine sparks) Until then, Enjoy!

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posted by Daniel Hoffman (Musician)
on 10/5/2014
Daniel here, just got back from Indie Game Con in Eugene. It was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out and checked out the current build of the game.

Some feedback included: "This looks amazing. "Wow, I really like the colors!" "The art is a amazing" "It feels really great!" "Blowing up ships feels great" "I could blow up ships all day" "feels really natural" "This has a lot of potential" "It would be cool if I could ram the little ships with the big ship"

Ashley, Knower of Lore, and Daniel, Maker of Music

My favorite was a very young girl who had a bunch of buttons who started playing then said "I'm going to be honest, I'm just playing so I can have one of your buttons" Then after when we gave her a button she said "And I liked your game too actually."

Daniel with the poster used at the con, the link goes to the full sized version.

Thanks again to everyone who checked out the booth at IndieGameCon!

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